Klaipeda – Palanga Airport – Klaipeda

We service passengers on the following routes:

Klaipeda - Palanga Airport and Palanga Airport - Klaipeda

So, if your place of departure or return is Palanga Airport, we can take care of your trip from Klaipeda and to Klaipeda.


Prices for Airport Transfers:

Klaipeda - Palanga Airport - 15 Eur

Palanga Airport - Klaipeda - 15 Eur


Discounts are available for groups of 3 and more.

Kryžkalnis – Vilnius – 25 Eur

Kaunas – Vilnius – 15 Eur


Klaipėda – Ryga – 30 Eur

Telšiai – Ryga – 30 Eur

Mažeikiai – Ryga – 25 Eur

Akmenė – Ryga – 25 Eur


Klaipėda – Kaunas – 25 Eur

Kryžkalnis – Kaunas – 20 Eur

And vice versa.

Departures of Airport Express Buses


Klaipeda - Palanga Airport - Klaipeda

According to the needs and reservations of passengers, we transport to every plane departing from Palanga Airport, as well as transport passengers returning to Palanga Airport to Klaipeda on all flights.

Travel reservations




    Address (if pick up from home and only from Klaipeda)

    Flight Number or Destination (if pick up from airport)

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    Remarks - ! The exact departure / arrival time of the aircraft must be specified !

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